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Renata Bulstrode
14 December 2012 @ 12:06 am
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Renata Bulstrode
23 July 2012 @ 12:26 am
I swear, I'm just as excited for Christmas this year as the girls!

We put up all of our decorations last weekend and I've been baking (even more than I usually do, so there have been quite a few recipients of my treats lately!) and Trevor managed to get three days in a row off starting tomorrow, and that is the first time since we've been married that that has happened. Of course, we have the standard family things to attend to, but I'm going to get as much time with just the four of us as possible, because it's really been far too long since it's been that way.

I'm practically dancing around the room. And naturally, both Millie and Miranda are following my lead, although Miranda's steps are far more wobbly than her sister's... she's not quite used to moving upright yet (Merlin, I can't believe she's walking. Wasn't she just born?)!
Renata Bulstrode
12 April 2011 @ 01:10 am
I hate to say it, but Millie is not really adjusting well to having a little sister around the house. She's been sulky and moody and ill-behaved practically ever since Miranda was born. Trevor and I are doing our best to assure her that just because there's a new baby in the house it doesn't mean she is any less important and special and loved and all of that, but... I don't know. She didn't really have a 'terrible twos' syndrome, but I think she's definitely in the 'terrible threes'. We're seeing all sorts of stuff that she never used to do. Sigh. Hopefully this is just another phase...

But Miranda's doing excellent, I am happy to say. She's a very pleasant baby (I can't believe she's almost three months old already!) and since she is child number two, I now know how to deal with things a lot better... It's not that much different than it was with Millie, but now I'm not freaking out and constantly worrying if I'm doing things wrong, or whatever. And I'm not constantly asking my mother for advice (I'm sure our poor owl was sick of travelling between Essex and Kent).

So... it's a balance, at best.

But the rest of my family seems to be doing okay, and for that, I am very thankful. It's one less thing to worry about.
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Renata Bulstrode
31 January 2011 @ 12:59 am
Oh, home sweet home!

It's been the most incredible week... Most importantly, Trevor and I are parents again (and Millie is a big sister) to another beautiful and healthy baby girl! Miranda Jade was born late morning, last Friday, the 21st. She was a little ahead of schedule, and the delivery was much more difficult than what I went through with Millie (and longer, ugh), so we both had to remain in St. Mungo's for a couple of extra days just to be on the safe side. It's kind of funny to say, but she went without a name for the first half of the week... we just couldn't make up our minds! There were just too many names we liked that we considered, but obviously I'm really happy with what we settled on.

Things are going well now they we're home and have settled into some sort of routine, though I'm not sure Millie knows what to make of it all. She's very curious that there s someone new in the house, and doesn't quite like it when she realises that she's not quite the full centre of attention anymore. We'll see where that goes, of course.

Also. BRIELLE GOT MARRIED. BRIELLE. GOT. MARRIED. I've known for a week and I'm still in shock. I don't really know what to-
I mean, Will's certainly nice enough and she TOLD me that she loved him but they got married BY ACCIDENT in AMERICA and that is so impulsive and out of left field for her that I can't help but wonder if-
Whatever she (they) decide to take as their next step, I will support it. I just want my twin to be happy.

Alison is also pregnant again which is AMAZING and I can't WAIT to be an aunt again, but I don't know if she wants that as public news yet, so I'll just leave this here.
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Renata Bulstrode
18 December 2010 @ 01:00 am
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Renata Bulstrode
22 November 2010 @ 02:46 am
It's been an absolute brilliant weekend.

Obviously the highlight was Gwyn and Dirk's wedding on Saturday! Everything went off without a hitch. At least, there were no hitches that I saw, but I was also trying to entertain a toddler for the most part, so there would have been lots of things I could have missed. But all in all, I had a wonderful time. I just love weddings, especially those of people I'm related to! Trevor was on his best behaviour, so. That was a relief. I know it's taken him a long time to warm up to Dirk and even now I know he holds his tongue sometimes- Congratulations again, you two!

I even managed to find something pretty to wear even though I'm hovering on small planet size at this point. I was not this big at this point when I was pregnant with Millie, I swear! I fussed over finding something appropriate for a long time and I found something in... Diagon, I think and just tweaked it a little. And hey, Millie approved! She also refused to take off her dress when we got home and eventually I caved and just let her sleep in it because it was going to cause a headache otherwise. I let her feel the baby kick yesterday and the face she made was absolutely priceless. She even asked me if it hurt!

I've got just a little over two months to go, so I'm definitely in the home stretch on this. My birthday is next Tuesday, but other than the lunch Mum takes us all out for I doubt I will be doing much. Brielle is still away and people have to work the next day and all of that, so. But I don't mind.

I can't sleep and I don't want to wake Trevor or Millie, so I decided to get a head start on the new batch of muffins I was thinking about making. Time's nearly up on them so I suppose I should go and check on them!
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Renata Bulstrode
20 October 2010 @ 11:50 pm
Today was a so-so day until I remembered two very important things.

1. Brielle visits this weekend! We've been owling back and forth ever since she left for Portugal but it's just not the same, obviously. I'm excited (naturally, I haven't seen my twin in over a month) and so is Millie. She's got a month worth of hugs lined up for her aunt.

2. Speaking of being excited: Gwyn gets married one month from today (and her birthday is tomorrow)! There are still a few things to be done, of course, but I just can't wait. I do love a good wedding! Even if I'm going to be huge and gross while at it, because I started showing a lot sooner with this pregnancy than I did with Millie and I look about six months along already.

I think I'll bake some muffins. That will definitely fully put me back in a good mood especially since I won't see Trevor until the morning..

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Renata Bulstrode
25 September 2010 @ 10:06 pm
My goodness. Time seems to be absolutely flying by, because there is absolutely no way that I am approximately halfway through the pregnancy already. But I am. I certainly look the part now, let me assure you! I really don't like wearing maternity clothes, though. They're kind of... ugh. And things are still going really well, I'm happy to say. Millie still doesn't really get the idea of having a little brother or sister, but she's doing well. She's a very active three-year-old (then again, when are they not?).

I have a Healer's appointment on Tuesday, and it's at that point where if we wanted to, we could find out if we were having a boy or a girl. But after talking it over with Trevor a bit, we've decided not to find out this time. I know we did with Millie, and that was brill, but I think this time it will be fun to have it as a surprise. Well, I think it will be fun, I know I have to coerce Trevor into it. Things are still on pace for the first week of July.

I'm going out with Gwyn and Anne (lucky girl's the maid of honour!) to go shopping for a wedding dress and other things soon, so of course I'm really excited about that. There isn't any point of me looking for something to wear to the wedding now, because it won't fit in April (it might not even fit next week), but I think I'll still have to have a look around, regardless. Get some ideas, and all.

I also have to wrap Fiona's birthday present. I found it ages ago when I was out with Millie.

I miss Brielle, I really, really do. I keep forgetting she's not here, and I've even been by the flat a couple of times before I remember that she's not there. I'm happy she's working at what she likes, but the end of April -- I pray she's not there until the start of May -- can't come fast enough.
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Renata Bulstrode
20 August 2010 @ 11:03 pm
Well, I'm about three and a half months along now, and things are still going well. I must have appeased a god or two up above, because this is basically like a dream pregnancy. Everything is happening as it's supposed to. The only real downside is that because this is the second time I've gone through this, I'm already starting to show a little!

And I think that unlike last time, we're going to wait to find out to see if this baby will be a boy or a girl. I think it'll be fun to have it as a surprise!

Trevor and I have now told Millie that she's going to be a big sister in July and she took the news.... well, I don't think she really understands what's happening, though her first question to me was "Will I have to share my toys?" So cute! She'll be three (!) by the time this one gets here, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens, I guess. I'm hoping they'll get along okay, but anything could happen.

I'm also really excited that Gwyn and Dirk have finally figured out when they're getting married, even if I will be the size of a small planet when it gets here (April 20th I feel like I'm missing something, because when I told Ralden he started to snicker-). It could be worse, though. The wedding could be in June, and then we would have an issue. AND OH. Gwyn? You need to come over soon, so we can discuss wedding things!

It's nearly Millie's bath time, and I should go and get her ready for it. She used to protest a lot at bath time, but now she doesn't mind it so much. Well, we're trying to teach her to wash on her own, and she usually gets lazy towards the end and just wants us to do it, but that's okay. She'll learn on her own time. There was also a request for purple bubbles in the bath, which should be fun!

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Renata Bulstrode
08 July 2010 @ 02:30 am
Well, so far this pregnancy is absolutely nothing like what I experienced with Millie and the big reason why? Absolutely ZERO morning sickness. It's SO WEIRD. I mean, I feel a little nauseated sometimes for no reason but there is no getting sick and as a result, I am a much, much happier person to be around. I also know what I theoretically should expect the second go around, so there isn't really any of that fear or nervousness.

I just hope things continue to go smoothly. It's enough to deal with Millie without any adverse amounts of stress. I'm tired a lot, but. Well. That was expected. I'm only just two months along, so things are still very much in the beginning stages, but I'm optimistic. I just know I'll start to show sooner, though. Everyone says you do with your second child. We're still figuring out the best way to tell Millie in such a way that she'll understand she's going to be a big sister and that we won't love her any less. It'll have to be soon, though.

Christmas is in a couple of weeks and, as always, I'm excited for it. It's absolutely my favourite holiday.

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