Renata Bulstrode (minuet_in_c) wrote,
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March 20th, 1983

Today was a so-so day until I remembered two very important things.

1. Brielle visits this weekend! We've been owling back and forth ever since she left for Portugal but it's just not the same, obviously. I'm excited (naturally, I haven't seen my twin in over a month) and so is Millie. She's got a month worth of hugs lined up for her aunt.

2. Speaking of being excited: Gwyn gets married one month from today (and her birthday is tomorrow)! There are still a few things to be done, of course, but I just can't wait. I do love a good wedding! Even if I'm going to be huge and gross while at it, because I started showing a lot sooner with this pregnancy than I did with Millie and I look about six months along already.

I think I'll bake some muffins. That will definitely fully put me back in a good mood especially since I won't see Trevor until the morning..

Alicia, did you hear that my dear sister had a special visitor last weekend?

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