Renata Bulstrode (minuet_in_c) wrote,
Renata Bulstrode

December 23rd, 1984

I swear, I'm just as excited for Christmas this year as the girls!

We put up all of our decorations last weekend and I've been baking (even more than I usually do, so there have been quite a few recipients of my treats lately!) and Trevor managed to get three days in a row off starting tomorrow, and that is the first time since we've been married that that has happened. Of course, we have the standard family things to attend to, but I'm going to get as much time with just the four of us as possible, because it's really been far too long since it's been that way.

I'm practically dancing around the room. And naturally, both Millie and Miranda are following my lead, although Miranda's steps are far more wobbly than her sister's... she's not quite used to moving upright yet (Merlin, I can't believe she's walking. Wasn't she just born?)!
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