Renata Bulstrode (minuet_in_c) wrote,
Renata Bulstrode

May 14th, 1985

So, when Galen asked me to come shopping with him the other day so he could pick something out for Abby's birthday, I never imagined that I'd wind up going with him to look at engagement rings.

I mean. I knew they were pretty serious, but I never thought it had gotten to this point. He's my little brother-

I do like Abby, though. I really do. She and Galen are great together. Having her as a sister-in-law would be pretty brilliant, I have to say. And Millie and Miranda love her- Millie is following her cousin and calling her 'Auntie Abby' already. It's too cute.

I shouldn't really be surprised, though - marrying younger is kind of a thing in this family. I just hope it works out for them. I have no idea if he's planning to propose anytime soon, but I look forward to hearing about it when it happens!
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