I will hold you up, I will help you stand

I will comfort you when you need a friend

Renata Bulstrode
30 April 1960
Somewhere there's a river
Looking for a stream
Somewhere there's a dreamer
Looking for a dream

Somewhere there's a drifter
Trying to find her way
Somewhere someone's waiting
To hear somebody say
I believe in you


renata jane bulstrode (née basil).

born - 30 april 1960 (25).
raised - dover, kent/carlisle, cumbria, england.
blood - pure.
schooled - hufflepuff, class of 1978.
now living - clacton-on-sea, essex, england.
working - stay-at-home mum (former obliviator).
family - marian (mother). leander (father), michelle (step-mother) and gemma (younger half-sister). ralden (older brother), alison (sister-in-law), thomas and ryan (nephews). brielle (twin sister), will (brother-in-law), phillipp (nephew) and rebekka (niece). fiona (younger sister). galen (younger brother) and abby (sister-in-law). victoria (mother-in-law), bill (father-in-law) grant (brother-in-law), gwyn (sister-in-law), and various basils, flahertys, campbells and gordons.
marital - married to trevor bulstrode (24 july 1979).
children - millicent jean bulstrode (daughter, born 2 june 1980) and miranda jade bulstrode (daughter, born 21 june 1983).
otherwise - a pessimist's worst nightmare. an indecisive, closet shopaholic who tries to please and accept everybody but is good at hiding it when she can't. a classical and jazz pianist who doesn't understand sports. fond of nocturnal cooking, muggle studies and astronomy. loves being a stay-at-home mum.


Nothing contained herein is real, as this is just an RP journal for leviosarpg. I own neither the Harry Potter universe, Margarita Levieva (the wonderful PB) nor the song "Believe In You" by Amanda Marshall (of which the journal titles and featured lyrics are taken). You can find all my lovely real life ramblings over at raven22. Thank you, and good night. :)